As Artists, we tend to spend much of of time in our studios and work spaces creating. Most of that time is spent by ourselves. So, straight talk... How do we know if what we are doing is good? As artists we can develop blind spots:  ways of working and doing that may not best serve our long term goals. As an Art Coach, my goal is to help you achieve what you want to achieve -- to help you be the best artist that you can be, and to bring your art stylistically and physically to the places you want it.

Coaching works. It just does. I have two coaches myself. It doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. It just means that you want to get better. Let me help. That is my commitment to you. 

Each coaching situation is different. If you are interested, reach out and we will schedule a time to talk. Email  

Private Lessons

If the classroom setting isn't your thing, that's fine! S.P.Q.R. is now offering private lessons.  Lessons are $40/hour and are held in the S.P.Q.R. Art Space. 

Time slots for private lessons are limited -- please book your time now. Email