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T H E  R E M A I N D E R

B R E T T  A N D R U S

 new and recent works by Brett Andrus. 

Brett Andrus is a 39-year-old Colorado Springs native. He studied painting and art history at the Savannah School of Art and Design before returning home to Colorado in 2001. Andrus divides his time between a career in the mortgage industry as a loan originator, ownership of the award-winning art gallery S.P.Q.R., teaching art making and art history, and creating music. Over the last fifteen years, Andrus has exhibited his work in Santa Fe, Denver, Atlanta, New York City, New Orleans, Trinidad and Colorado Springs. 


“The Remainder”, Andrus’s most recent exhibition encompasses the last six months of his work.  During this process he set two goals:

1) To make a thoroughly good paintings.

2) To explore and create  from a place of autobiographical story telling, pulling from his dream scape, utilizing symbol, predominant archetypical figures and   elements of Magical Realism.  This exhibition is about exploring the   disintegration and reconfiguration of some of Andrus’s most vulnerable and personal realizations and ideologies.  His focus has been on transformative elements, combining the female and child portrait with snapshots of electricity and light, birds and bone, iconic cloth and skin. These forces are tied together with an ever lessening sense of gravity as the full narrative of their story unravels and reconstructs as something true, but ever unattainable. The two most polarized outliers of these ideas, the bride and the self-portrait, bookend the collection as mirrored components, connected through light and dark, maleness and femaleness, emotional accuracy and symmetrical iconography. His purpose has been to be honest about how the past and present feel as though they can fall apart and reassemble in a ever out of reach way.