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THE REMAINDER the new exhibition By Brett Andrus

“The Remainder”, Andrus’s most recent exhibition encompasses the last six months of his work.  During this process he set two goals:

1) To make a thoroughly good paintings.

2) To explore and create  from a place of autobiographical story telling, pulling from his dream scape, utilizing symbol, predominant archetypical figures and   elements of Magical Realism.  This exhibition is about exploring the   disintegration and reconfiguration of some of Andrus’s most vulnerable and personal realizations and ideologies.  His focus has been on transformative elements, combining the female and child portrait with snapshots of electricity and light, birds and bone, iconic cloth and skin. These forces are tied together with an ever lessening sense of gravity as the full narrative of their story unravels and reconstructs as something true, but ever unattainable. The two most polarized outliers of these ideas, the bride and the self-portrait, bookend the collection as mirrored components, connected through light and dark, maleness and femaleness, emotional accuracy and symmetrical iconography. His purpose has been to be honest about how the past and present feel as though they can fall apart and reassemble in a ever out of reach way. 

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Introduction to Drawing 101

Starting on Monday march 27th at 7:30

If you have never drawn before, or feel rusty on your drawing skills, this is the class for you! Students will be taught basic sight reading, handling of media, artistic vocabulary, still life and life drawing, and introduction to perspective. This class is the perfect starting point for all classes in the S.P.Q.R curriculum.  Drawing is the backbone for all art making. If you learn how to draw, everything else will become just a little easier.  Dip your toe in, test the waters, and see if you like making art. 


Mar 6


Introduction to Oil Painting 101

Starting on Monday, February 27th at 5:15 p.m.

Have you always had a curiousity about oil painting? This class is definitely for you! Students will be given an introduction to oil paint and knowledge of how best to utilize this medium, including basic color mixing, still life, life painting, and an introduction to art history. No oil painting experience required, but a basic knowledge of drawing is preferred.


Sound Smart at the Museum: Ouroboros

Starting on Monday, February 27th at 7:30 p.m. 

In this facinating lecture-oriented class, instructor Brett Andrus presents a close look at six contemporary American painters -- artists you may have never heard of -- and walks them back through history, examining their artistic genealogy. These riveting art history lectures are fun -- not just a lot of dates -- with a focus on the broader historical and cultural significance to a time periods' art making. The best thing about this class? You will notice a difference in how smart you feel at the museum.  


Mar 6


Professional Practices and Theories of Art Making

Starting on Tuesday, February 7th at 5:15 p.m.

You've chosen the path of an artist. But how do you feel about the business side of your art? Are you ready for some guidance on taking your art career to the next level? This class is for you! We'll walk through the best ways to develop your portfolio, approach art galleries, promote your repertoire, and navigate other professional aspects of the trade. This class will also cover conceptual art theory and design theory, as well as opening up the eternal artistic question -- why do you do what you do as an artist?


Next Step Oil Painting

Starting on Tuesday, February 7th at 7:30 p.m.

This is an advanced course available to those who have taken at least Oil 101. Part critique, part studio class, we'll expand your technique and skill set by focusing on things like portrait painting and catching a likeness. Students work from live models and technology. This class is challenging, but I promise -- it will be rewarding!

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First Friday Experiential Art Opening at S.P.Q.R.

  • S.P.Q.R.

February's First Friday Experiential Art Opening at S.P.Q.R. Art Space features work by Brett Andrus and painting demonstrations by Brett Andrus, Claire Swinford, Elizabeth Selby and Angela Casale. Come see the new space, mingle, talk art, and enjoy! 5:30 - 11:30 p.m.